Sunday, September 26, 2010

lost in the processing.......

The innermost level of consciousness:

a sudden surge...conflicts and confusions...knowledge expansion...more confusion...when we start projecting our problems on a higher dimensional plane, we allow more factors to have an impact on the doubt we broaden our horizons as we gain knowledge but at the same time we make our lives difficult...we start thinking more....scratching our head....trying to find out that optimized solution that suffices the constraints...we always strive to find the ultimate truth...sometimes we feel that we are the sea and we know everything...and the very next moment, the notions...the understandings fall apart....ability to learn and unlearn the things gives us the flexibility to face such gives us the space to introspect, to analyze the lets you form your own theory and design the apparatus to do the experiments with the end of the whole process and irrespective of whether we learnt a new thing or unlearnt an old one, we definitely stand as a more experienced being

the whole life moves under a big for loop until we enter that infinite life we have so many control loops, conditions are being checked, some printf statements, some scanf statements...calculations,miscalculations, break statements, if-then-else statements....sometimes, I feel that life is the largest and the most complex program ever made...where the programmer never just gets lost in the processing.......

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