Friday, August 13, 2010

hi guys...after a long time i am blogging.hope all u guys are doing gud in ur respective places.i am at bangalore now.No m devoting all my tme to meet my relatives and friends in bangalore and to read new books.I should say i am a bit lucky to get to stay with one of our college senior 'jyotsnadi' who is also working in infosys.
Bangalore is least for i feel like a bit lost in the crowd...not able to identify myself too...i hope its a temporary feeling which will soon overcome.Good thing is that i am going home next week..staying there for about 10 days..till then i'll try to know bangalore and myself too....
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Saurav said...

Hey nice Paro,

This phase is the 'honeymoon period', though my advice would be not to take it literally.


One month into the training you will get the real exposure.
And with it you will have a mixed feeling towards training and production requirement and the immense gap which exists.

But all are usual.

Go home and spend time with your family.

You will enjoy, Bangalore.


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