Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's great to see very welcoming blogs on the page. One was sachin's and the other's poly.I just realised the love birds are fueled and fired. Espescially sachin is pondering and it's worth.When i talk about problems,there are always solutions.And i have a strong belief that the solution to everything lies in just one thing-education. Not the education that teaches you to build rockets,missiles,guns.The education that morally empowers you towards the constructive growth of the society.
Times have changed and at times i repent on the choice of my career.I had a chance meeting with the founder of Western Buddhist order and when he was leaving,he just said,i am not convinced with the choice of your career. He asked me to meet him in case i make it to london sometime.That seems bleak but nevertheless i realized during the talks that was worth it's mettle.
But friends,i said this to poly, that we are too young to understand lot of dynamics and we need to put up some good time in our careers , learning different trades of the game before we actually get into something that would help bring in change.
I just have one dream,and that is to see this country be one of the most educated and least corrupt of the countries.And the right way about is entrpreneurship...may be social entrepreneur..i just hope some day, i be able to light the fire in me again for the cause.....
we have a responsibility towards the people if not the nation...

**I am sorry for the unorganised write -up..but this is all i can come up

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pD said...

u will..just believe in your abilities

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