Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hi, everyone.....missing u guys a lot.

Hi everyone, its been a long time. The life out here is very boring, u don’t have time to chill or rather nothing to chill. I am undergoing my field training at Rajasthan Atomic Power Plant 5&6. We have to work here in shifts. And seeing what our seniors are doing in the field / control room and that we will have to do after posting, its not encouraging. Its very hot n dry out here, but a bit relaxed as hostel rooms are furnished with ACs. Anyway, since I m on top of the merit till now, I will have the choice to choose any of the sites for the final posting. And that would be decided on 1st week of August and training will be going to end by 15th Aug. And my bad luck is that our convo being at 4th……….This had been the most awaited day to get together, but gonna miss it, forgive me buddies. We will get vacation of 15 days, from 16th – 31st Aug and will plan to meet u all (maximum possible).During last vacation me, Sachin, Gokul n Abhishek had a get together at guwahati. I also met Bhola and Nupur.

And regarding personal life, I m still single.

Sachin, Alok, Rohit, Gokul n Pd se baatein hoti reheti hain…………….. Poly, Paro, Arijit, Saurav,Alokojjal, Meenakshi, Nupur,Basu, Rohit Ranjan and Devi se chatting/ mssng hoti hai…….

For last few days, it is FO Meenakshi who is found online most of the time and had a long chat wid her. Now, she must be at home. Congratulations to her for being FO.

Congrats to Saurav for his new achievement.

Congrats to Poly for getting selected.She is having her fun time at home after almost a year at Mumbai. Her post tells that she has gained weight. So, she must upload some pics….

Congrats to Sachin and Gokul for our paper being published in ieee.

Rohit is having nice time with studies. And it looks very surprising and funny when he calls me to ask questions regarding subjects like control, dsp n all. But he is having nice time around the beach.

Alok is having fun time at home. But because of that, I cdnt wish him happy birthday. Anyway, happy returns of d day buddy.

Gokul is little bit confused, he needs suggestions from us. So, guys call him and give some ideas.

Missing all you guys a lot.

This night off, we are planning a trip to jaipur…………….

Keep in touch.


meenakshi said...

thanx yarr

Saurav said...

Hey buddy thanks for the wishes, and great to hear that you are hitting the peak consistently.

Its such a wonderful feeling of being connected through there means..

@Poly: bole to, blog par ek picture to mangta hi hai !! (mumbaiya bhasha)

pD said...

congratz yaar..keep urself up dere in the merit list always..also for that ieee thing..keep rocking!

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