Saturday, May 29, 2010

yaar india me kya ho rahahai yaar??plane crash.train derailment,naxal attacks on CRPF,death in heat,agitation for gorkhaland,unrest in manipur leading to pathetic economical condition,continued tiger poaching,sensus asper caste,khap panchayats shouting for changes in hindu marriage act for prohibiting marriage in same gotra,honour killings...unending list...where r we heading to??modern or mediavel...i know many people does not think about all these but i think we should..thinking will not lead to anything..but it is the starting at least...we should make ourself aware of whats going on,whats right n wrong..we should be informed...what do u people think??Whatever is being written here are the personal views of the author him/her self and are subjected to agreement or disagreement.And a request to all members, Please share your views !!


Saurav said...

Hey buddy, nicely written and we were discussing the other night, half of human effort is being wasted to keep the other half stay on course!

We need to be the change,we need to see !!


pD said...

very true

alok said...

don't worry yar.. there are some bad periods. it would recover soon..

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