Sunday, May 30, 2010


Its been a year since we departed. sometimes we talk on phone but that can't make us feel like we used to talk together. Infosians are a bit lucky. i have a bit alienated for some time. Many pple have comments of no blogging,no comments.. before i start i would write about my m-tech..
I have digital comm branch here.. we have 13 members out of that 10 boys and 3 gals. so the sex ratio is around 333 which is better compared to most m-tech classes..most of us are from various states but i have the distinction of coming from a far away place..pple used to wonder how i came here.. even professors used to ask why i took admission here why not nit sichar or iitg..somehw i got mixed up with the pple as my very nature is..
Ever since i came over here i have watcehed around 100 movies in various theatures.. not only this every movie is scanned at least twice with 'my name is khan' having seen total 6 shows, two on the very first day.. apart from movies we used to visit various sites in and around bhopal.. i can trully claim bhopal is a beautiful city with 54 lakes in and around the city.. of them BADI JHIL is the biggest with an area that can encompass both nirjuli and naharlagan.. we have visited many of them.. also there are many dams nearby and have been our favourite Pastime on holidays.. you can chech my pics at orkut and appreciate the beauty..
it could be a huge blog if i go on writting..
i have been reading all your blogs.. sachine has been writing good his latest thriller being on each and every process occuring on eartn.. don't know why..keep it up.. may be ur thought process could provide solutions for latest problems india is facing.. saurav has been doing good work sharing infy photos, btday treats, latest developments.. pd always gives comments. thanks dude.. meenu has srated blogging as well.. paro has written about some great concerns.. keep it up... updating your latest developments..
LOC will rock..
Have fun..


meenakshi said...

Hi alok nice to hear abt bhopal beauty from u....i hv frnds here frm bhopal...good yaar movie sessions I rembr Block D movie (DD1 type) cr keep blogin

Saurav said...

Nice one buddy!!
Keep up the spirit !

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