Saturday, May 22, 2010

hi friends wats up??

everyone.....wats up??
Miss u all yaar after a long time I m mailing.....wanna meet u all like many things to share so many things to hear.....yaar I am online n no one else is online....gadho kaha ho tumlog....Paromita I got ur letter....u know yesterday I passed my swimming test I was scared yaar wo vacation cut kar dete aese hi 2 weeks ki hai....we had to cross 25 m n jump from 5 m height in 18 ft deep part....anyways I am happy 2 weeks holidays are safe. next saturday we have " breakoff" party that is farewell from our department. At starting it was like "ye kaha aa gaye hum :(" but now after learning so many things I am really loving this part of my life....actually starting mein physical hote the n we were like 5 min mein thak jate the n then get frustrated....but now 2-3 hours ho jate hai we are llike we can take more....we do push ups, situps , mounting(its not the normal mounting)...Rohit must be knowing this....front rolling side rolling bla mast chal rahi hai...kya ke bae mein kuch log jante hai n then experience har ek moment ka saath baith kar share karne mein jo hai wo aese nahi hope to meet u all miss u all.....Jai Hind!!


Saurav said...

Great to find you back dear, i am sure you did well and make us proud !!

Welcome !

dynamicity....prevail said...

swimming test guys have a curtailed version of it..once you pass out and jump 10 metres..there's no greater fun than that..miss you!!

meenakshi said...

Miss u 2 yaar....u know I talked with Heena n the 1st sentence of her was tu ek number ka flirt hai...usne tuze kafi jaldi jaan liya!!!!!

pD said...

lol..lambu got dumped again!!
jai hind!

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