Monday, March 8, 2010

Hi friends, back again,
Life has turned to a new dimension which I had never thought(not a surprising fact, it happens to everyone).
I had never liked the profession of a teacher untill 3rd year-when rohit rai gave me the first tution at powergrid. Slowly and gradually the famous tag 'Sir' gave me immense pleasure to turn over to this profession. And hopefully now, it became my lifetime profession.
The main reason why I didn't like this profession is "Speaking in front of a no. of individuals was an impossible task for me till I came to a commanding position in NCC". Thanks to NCC for changing the dimension of my life.
The start of this profession was due to the hit of recession which resulted of myself becoming a "Guest Lecturer" at NERIST. I started this profession with a view that I will be in touch with the studies and can prepare myself for offcampus written tests. But the nature and Honour involved in this profession turned my view to prepare myself for MTech courses(anyway... that was my view not the reality--as I could not prepare).
In the last semester, I took the courses-(3103-Basic Radio and TV ENGG-(NEE-II students)) & (4102-Audio and Tv ENGG).In this semester, I was appointed late under the special request by all the faculties of ECE to the director as there is an acute shortage of faculty staff. And given the courses-(2200-TV ENGG) & (4200,4402-Communication Engg(both analog and digital)).
But, then I was called for joining as a Permanent Lecturer at the department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engg at GIMT(under Ghy University, AICTE approved-so AICTE (old scale)). It is near Airport.Here, I had been given the course of Microprocessor and Embedded system for prefinal year. After taking two classes, it was exchanged i.e., now I have been given the course of VLSI for Final year students.
Taking VLSI is not a problem for me but, taking the class of final year students(here, a class consists of 60 students) is a great responsibility. I have to be very careful in whatever I am speaking.
The working hours here is from 8:30am-4:00pm. And I can't leave during the working hours(that's the private job).
So, I decided not to keep my dept. at NERIST in troubling position. And hence, I had decided to give lectures at Nerist on Saturdays(I had to surrender the practical classes) and on the working days at GIMT, Ghy at least for this semester. So, I leave Ghy every Friday evening and return from Nerist on Monday morning.
Here at ghy, I am finding it bit difficult to speak Assamese, but I am learning it.
The recent plan I have is to the MTech in part time from Ghy university.
well!!!! thats the end of a boring story of my life........anyway I am eagerly waiting for you people at guwahati----I have taken a rented house at Maligaon---Please meet me.


Saurav said...

First thing first, Congratulations over the new discovery in life.
Second, if this was boring then i am culprit of cooking(pakaying) all of you and many many more about loc, about my life.

We feel Good getting whereabouts of all our dear ones, and the way you are managing things, its a great lesson for all of us.

Keep up the spirit, and all the best for future.


pD said...

congrats dude..

hapy journey!!

alokojjwal said...

Thanks saurav for pressing me to put my pen at loc blog as I always fear to write anything due to the lack of good communication skill.

well thanks Pd too.....

alok said...

congrats yar... we would meet for sure..

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