Friday, March 19, 2010

Everyday:- Life in every way !!

Almost missed the birthday celebration of one of my most special friends of recent times. 16 th March, Paro.

Thanks to Poly.

Thank god it was a holiday, a perfectly timed south indian festival. Just when it seemed that India is no longer a country of festivals and holidays for the corporate world, 'Ugadhi' as celebrated in Andhra and Karnataka, and 'Gudi Padwa' as in Maharastra came to rescue.

Correct my geography if i am wrong, guys.

So, woke up late with a cancelled plan of picnic, due to lack of enthusiasm from the majority of our group. Plan finally changed to a shopping visit to Mysore city. To tell you frankly i had no idea about the speciality of the day as i was buzzed by Poly with this information.

The plan of visit to city was overridden by a heavy lunch at the famous dhaba 'Jai Mata Di' just outside infy campus. Oh sorry, it was the other one, a bit less famous, but a lot better food and much hot environment.

Cake was ordered, public informed, obviously Paro had no clue about this on her otherwise boring day (as she admitted after that).

No wild celebrations, but a decent one, and not to forget the part of Abhishek, who made all of us laugh to our fullest. I realised that i haven't laughed so much in a long time.
There was Abhishek, Debi, Prantar, Rishi, Arijit, Payal, Nitul, Ismail(my infy colleague), myself and ofcourse the birthday girl Paro.
We had a nice time.

And them i realised something, how i took most of my very very special persons in my life so casually. In other words, took them for granted. I always had a very distinct nature of doing things in a very animated way and on a grand scale. I love grand celebrations, normal things are for everyone, not for me. I dont remember celebrating Arun's Birthday or Shakti's B day in any memorable way.

Yup, i remember one. But that is something i have been advised to keep mum on matters related to that person.

I shared this with Paro, with Shakti, with Arun. And i said sorry. I know that to my capacity i could have made this day memorable which i wanted but couldn't do so in this case.

Guys, i haven't lost faith and i an determined to make ammends for such mistakes and for a start, chatted with Mom for over 30 minutes(might seem very natural to most of you (not to those who know me), but this duration crosses the cumulative sum of the duration i had over phone with her since coming here). And i can feel the difference within myself and more importantly inside my mom.

Life everyday has to teach so much, 3 days and i can now design my own web page and with sufficient functionality, but that's not what i meant here. There are so many things happening all around us, teaching us new ways of living life, new ways of looking at life.

Off oh ! Saala bahut philosophy ho gaya ! Hamesha kh tarah !!

Bear with of guys, and share your part of stories.:-) i am sure you would be having so many things to share.

With lots and lots of love,

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pD said...

well well..
belated hapy b'day paro!!

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