Thursday, January 14, 2010

Another day another concept to learn.:-)

From my desk, somewhere inside INFOSYS CAMPUS (cannot disclose the location:Company Policy), my hungry stomach shouts 1300hrs. but my maxima watch corrects it by 45mints..

We are waiting for the evaluation or the lunch break, whichever comes first. Some are being evaluated while others anxiously waiting for their turn and doing all sorts of activities to overcome the buzzing in the stomach. The day has been satisfying in terms of the result and the ease of the methods used by me. I maintained my record of solving the problem in more than one ways to get the perfect output. The coding part was easy, the new thing learnt out of all this was the integration part. I learnt to work in teams and was blessed to have wonderful and dedicated team. No points for guessing that they completed their part much before I declared mine as done.

Tomorrow it is the big test and things ahead would be much better in terms of handling the pressure.I just hope to continue with my charm and enjoying nature with seemingly monotonous days at Infy.

Lots and lots of love to all of you and i feel delighted to be able to be in touch of so many of my very special friends through this.

Life is so far so good.

Coding is so much fun and the instance of getting the expected results gives so many of those sky rocketing pulses of joy and ecstasy. Obviously sometimes it seems worth throwing ones' box (read computer) out of window.

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pD said...

good goin..waise de'coding' of radio signals by an american mathematician during the second world war played a major role in the victory of the Battle of Midway over japan..

give time for 'a beautiful mind'

Saurav said...

Hmmnn... Nice one!

sachin said...

it must be a a gerat learning experience for you.....all the very best...and i belive you will do it with one survey report it said that the trainig of infosys is equivalent to an IIT degree...

Saurav said...

Hmmn... Flattering..
Theoretically it is recognized and equivalent to MS degree of USA, and it helps in getting the visa!!

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