Thursday, August 13, 2009

The beauty beneath in a proffession

Hi LOCians,
We had many debates and discussions on the interactions between the teachers and the students. Now, I am standing on the other side of the river. I am trying my levelbest to make the topics understandable to the students. Anyway I am not finding it difficult as I already had a teaching experience of 4 years.
I am really satisfied with the choice of my profession as it gives immense pleasure when the students call me SIR. But, as Debabrata has told and also I had realised that some influence of NCC is still alive that the students are bit terrified of me because of strict discipline I had imposed on them. You know me I cannot forego my principles. Well now I feel that this came from the feeling of responsibilities of their future on me. Whatever I am doing, I am honestly thinking of their future, but it is upto them - how they accept it.
The main problem is that I have to read 3 hours to take a class of 1 hour. Well thats also fine at this stage of competitative world as I could'nt do that in my entire student life. Well as a whole I am really enjoying with the proffession and atleast got rid of job tension for the next 1 year.

OK this description only included me and my proffession story but I had blogged this to ensure you and may be emphasising you job tensed individuals for this noble proffession as a reasonable choice.


Saurav said...

I couldn't agree more Brother. That must be a nice feeling to have- so closely nurturing the future of many..
And yup, start with a strict tone gradually tuning into the smooth ones, and I am sure you must be inspiring them.
All the Best!!

pD said...

dekho to...chota sa alokojjwal kitna bada bada baat karne laga...
jus kidin..
newaz...pehle to congrats..
n secondly all the best!!

abhiwho said...

kudos to colonel sahab!!

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