Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Dear Guys,
How are you all?
I guess this is my first blog since kidulthood. Well, Its just work you know…its hard finding time when you get so many dimensions unfulfilled and many opportunities to get through in the present.
I go through Sauravs’ wishings, bootmarks and recent updates, Sachins’ I-am-here attitude, Pds’ liberating poetic verses, Polys’ go-through-Mumbai….I am attached to you guys, in one way or the other.

Anyway, am blogging here this moment which proposes a certain attitude, a few certain no of things I want to put forward from my experience through these months…
The first key and the ONLY key put here is about ‘happiness’. Its for you guys, have an interesting read.

Everybody of you is having a stand-up time to your ambitions, a busy schedule all day along with few strands left for nonsense and ambiguity. So here am I, I just want to share a secret with you in a very few moments from now.
Its from my life, a few artifacts:
I face questions like:
‘Don’t you feel bored sitting all alone everyday in your chamber?’
‘What do you do when you lose a taste of everything you do every day?’
---These are real questions asked to me by my mates hereby.
---And am sure these are also something you are wondering pounded deep in your heart or may be your heart asks you the same ones.
I thought about it and replied:
‘I do what I like and there’s never a time that I have nothing to do. I plan things a day ahead and and always do something that’s out of the conventional and that thing keeps ‘me’ happy and after all, the key to happiness is YOU, YOURSELF.’!!!!

There are a certain shell of events that I think really relieves the pressure if you are working real hard and find little time for yourself.
Keep yourself fresh, take a bath before you are on purpose, plan and do things you didn’t do before—For me, its like talking to complete strangers, sweetening my neighbor kid with toffees, gift pack to a person just known by name, make new dishes by myself since we are having a rented house and a gas burner on our own , my blog and its updates, my students (really care about them, they are really different and Ya…they are loving too). The list never ends.
All I did is something I didn’t do before, or I didn’t had to, got to…..So guys if your life is questioning you what you are doing to yourself, just speak out:
‘Deeds, not words shall speak me’.—John Fletcher(its my motto too.)
Just try it and do things you always wanted to but didn’t get to….why wait for the time for ‘Dus Vidaniya’?

The Racaf fever just shook off yesterday. The last four days were really fun for the guys I hope. I spent time with old buddies—Baisam, Manju, Marto, Alok, Paro..dividing my time to enjoy with each of them ad midst the programs….and its really inspiring and seemingly beautiful experience. For all the Block F’ians…the news is that: Its leading till the third day..everything in F just rocks..Block F……Hu-….(I needn’t say this!!)
And for recent news, I gave my students’ assignments which after my moderation will appear on my blog itself, so go through it in a few days..I guarantee you will find nice things to know and learn.

I dedicate this blog-piece, my earnest “SECRET” to the Birthday Boy today: ‘Ari’.
Wish you a very happy birthday and merry success everywhere. All the best.
And to my very loving buddy….the man himself….Kh. Rishikumar.
‘Rishi, the blog is for you. Next time don’t say you get bored at home…now that I showed you how to stay alive and LIVE life’.
‘Bondhu…ami tomake bhalobasi!!!’ (eng:I love you buddy)
(actually it’s the only thing in Bengali that he knows by heart).
Its good bye time, don’t know when I will feel like writing again.
Till then….Take care all of you.
Be safe, Be beautiful.


meenakshi said...

greatly wrtn debi....its like after a long time kuch padh kar maza aya....tk cr!!

deV said...


nupur said...

nice one...gud goin...nw lukin 2wards lyf 4m a different angle...likhte rehna....

Saurav said...

It's like the perfect ad for Parker,
"Kuch Apna likho"..
Well written mate.

Keep it Up !


sachin said...

masterpiece buddy...
i just cant ctop reading it again and again

pD said...

as i always say-


poly karmakar said...

Vibrant...positive..compassionate..Long live LOC!

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