Sunday, September 20, 2009


Hi friends!!
A consultancy group is going to visit NERIST for the present final years and for the 2009 passouts named as PIVOTAL. It will select a no. of candidates after written test and interview. These selected candidates would have to register to this group with a registration fee of Rs:750/-. After that within 3 months, they will either send many fortune companies to our institute for the recruitment of these selected candidates or they will tell the selected candidates to attend the interview conducted by the companies at their respective places(the opportunity which a NERISTian always have a hunger). In a way the work of NERIST T&P will be done by them. The companies reffered by this consultancy group will have a payscale of around 4 lakhs pa.

So interested friends should be ready to visit NERIST as the date of their interview will be announced......


pD said...

when will dey come?

n when do we need to register ourselves?

abhiwho said...

gud news dude....

Saurav said...

Bravo !!

NERIST shining !!


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