Saturday, June 20, 2009

Goooood Morning everyone............

A new morning, a new day..a new life...a new howz life friends?? Life is showing different phases for everyone...some are busy....some relaxed and feeling bored at home. But I am at the best side you know how....pata hai Poly, Rashmi use to say, "kitna phone ata hai tera..." she get irritated....but I enjoy every call, every message, every miss them all yaar!! The best part is that sometimes when they are out of balance or don't have a sim they call from booth also. There are many who are missing me, loving me, caring for me, remembering me... Pata hai now I don't play game on PC...I don't know how and when it happened. But I miss you all. Whatever I do I just remember tumlog hote to kya hota...kya bolte...I use to think Nupur aese bolti, Poly aese hasti...Paromita...Miss alot!! Har ek lamha har ek baat yaad ati hai tere jaane ke baad!!

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