Monday, January 19, 2009

2 months and 19 days......

2 months and 19 days and counting……..I never thought I’ll kiss my pen again, open my eyes, feel the wind, swing my thoughts back to those ‘WORDS’…the same words that encourages my spirits to a whole new world and cast down suddenly.
It’s a mental stimulation, an impulse of nothingness, the feeling of negligence and the consistent bore-ness that stings my veins and estranges me from my ‘WORDS’…..and I sprang into my unsolicited back-door deep inside me, and I defined a nuisance of the very WORDS that somewhat defines me as well…the WORDS being………..“LOC”.

Well, it’s not a literary advisory, or my usual..opinion intervention…I would rather call it a penitent statement of the intensity of those ‘sly’ words used and felt somehow, which otherwise stands just an adjective….’NONSENSE’.
Anyway, the literature will be back to place within weeks and I propose a cohesive response and contribution, a ‘HEIL TOGETHER’.

[For those who understood nothing of the above said, catch up my last blog and read the above again….or there’s another option…skip it and get going!!!]

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Saurav said...

Ye Hui na baat !!!

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