Monday, August 4, 2008

happy friendship week...

its a very friendly week and i being a part of LOC wish all the members a happy friendship week. LOC has come along more than two semesters which i suppose is a great credit to the members present and the credit also goes to the awesome friendship prevalent.. earlier i had a belief that only mechanical guys have the best frindship available at NERIST.. but LOC has discarded that..
i suppose it will continue and prosper in future.. again wishing happy friendship week to all LOCians..

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amishmanish said...

hi there...(srry dunno ur name by the id) who said only mech guys have 'good' friendships in never was so..
we had some real good friendships in our batch(EC guys) and the batches before dat too.. guys have had it a bit bigger..but EC always had things going between students..

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