Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Forget about the last 20 minutes of the match, I mean the bowl out, for a moment. For 50 overs, two equally matched teams scrapped all they can, taking the inclement and irritating outfield in their stride, batting with gusto, bowling with plenty of zeal and firepower, and even fielding with kind of competence generally not associated with teams of NERIST. It was easily the best match of the tournament, and just the kind of match to showcase the cricket of NERIST to outer world and that small totals can be close contest too.
The only downer to a fantastic afternoon was the last 20 minutes. The bowl out is a fool proof way of ensuring a winner and a loser- and if that’s the soul purpose, it works well, BUT FOR THE SAKE OF CRICKET, was there any need of a winner on that day? Oh GOD, NO!!
But since it was the finals, it seems all logical (at least theoretically) that at the end of the day, we have to have a winner from the two contesting teams. Alas! Whoever came out with the idea of bowl out in cricket probably did not realized that it’s the beauty of this game that it was always decided by playing and not by gambling.
We saw two teams, one riding on wave of performance and experience while the other had something to prove. We saw the title clash between two equally spirited teams; and you will agree, the winner was none but CRICKET. Heartiest congratulations to the team members of both the teams, organizers, all those who were involved in this whole event, for putting up a brilliant show, which was needed to keep GOOD CRICKET alive in NERIST.

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