Wednesday, December 26, 2007

i need ur views

This tour had been a turning around phase for me.I always believed the pranks a nd jokes i played were taken in good sense wishing most probably that i too did the stuffs that way.But i realised as the tour progressed that guys instead of liking these have on contrary pissed off by these.Any other day I at most could have said "give it a damn" or may be fuck off. But somewhere i have started considering quitting all these.I don't know if i had been anything but genuine all these years. Today i kinda feel to have duly unjustified expectations of my dear i stand thinking if i should continue or cease to do waht i used to do....

I also feel tired of all the lies i had woven around. For once,i feel i need to get back on the path my destiny could have decided..should i?

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