Thursday, November 29, 2007

As i am collecting pictures for PARO, you listen to POLY

I thought i will give you the intro but I have already done that; listen carefully to this girl as she has much to offer if you are going to visit this Blog regularly..

Thus spoke the wise :
POLY says
" hello folks!
After a long time i m surfing...saw the web pages last night..great work..(that was for me, oh I am so happy)being a member of LOC i have come know my classmates in new dimensions..sitting for a round table conference with a cup of tea..fighting against the cold breeze really made the evenings meaningful..LOC is just like a fresh air to the suffocating degree classes..pd,saurav,basumitra,rohit,rai,ved,gokul even sachin and alok are different,their thoughts,their opinions, their feelings reflected..they argue,they talk,they express..i think that'swhat LOC is all about..hoping for its long live..but may be at some point,we,the members of LOC should think of doing something for others,something good something beneficial for our surroundings..of course it depends on feasibility and situation..still we can give a thought on it..
another thing i want to mention,i don't support the idea of ID..i don't think we need any specifications..we r LOCians..that's wishes from me for exams..thank u. "

Isn't that a great idea about doing something to our surroundings..Alas I wish more people come up with their ideas so that we could get ourselves going through these...

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